Concerned about your behaviour? Concerned about someone you know? Concerned about a child's behaviour? Have you been abused?
Need advice on how to protect children? Are you a professional looking for advice?

60 Second Child Sexual Abuse Awareness Video

Designed to raise public awareness of Stop it Now! UK and Ireland and what adults can do to protect children from sexual abuse, this short 60 second film counteracts the popular misconception that it is mostly strangers who abuse children, when in fact the majority of victims are abused by someone they know.

Playing off the demonisation of paedophiles in the tabloid press, the film shows that you cannot identify an abuser by looking at them and is poignantly underscored by the family's loving welcome of the abuser and the use of the tune 'Home Sweet Home'.

The film is directed at family members who need to take notice of the signs of concerning behaviour in those nearest to them and their children. The film urges viewers to contact the Stop it Now! Helpline with any concerns they may have. This is reiterated with the call to action and campaign end line: ‘To stop child sexual abuse, we need to start talking about it’.

In June 2010 this child sexual abuse awareness video won a gold award in the Chip Shop awards. 

We also have a longer child sexual abuse awareness video available on the Parents Protect! website. The programme enables you to work through a number of issues and topics at your own pace.

Viewers comment: "I wish more people would have the courage to watch this. The impact is tremendous. Brilliant."