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Get involved

There are many ways you can get involved and do your bit to help prevent child sexual abuse. Here we have made some suggestions.


Stop it Now! Black Country and Birmingham works hard to prevent child sexual abuse by working with all adults across the region. Donations from members of the public go a long way to making sure as many parents as possible receive the advice and information they need to help protect children. Your generosity helps us continue this work. Visit our donating page to find out more about how your donation will help support our work or contact our office.

Get the facts and pass them on

There are many myths and stereotypes surrounding the sexual abuse of children that actually get in the way of protecting children. By browsing our Parents Protect! website you can learn the facts around child sexual abuse – as well as what practical steps you can take to protect children – you are helping to ensure a safe childhood for the children in your life. You can also pass these on to your family, friends and colleagues.

Start talking

To prevent child sexual abuse we need to start talking about preventing it. The media is full of stories about children being harmed, normally by a stranger, and the stories are created after the abuse has taken place. The reality is that the abuser is more often known to the victim. Talk to your family, friends and colleagues about what you are doing to protect children and ask them to think about what they can do. Take some resources to your school, faith group or community centre to start a discussion.

Use online networks to spread the word

If you have your own website, you could add a link to this site or if you use Facebook or Twitter you can post the link there. Tell all your contacts about your ideas for prevention and what you are doing to protect children from harm. Help motivate others to do the same.
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Host a seminar

The more people that get sound information on how to protect children from sexual harm the better. One way could be through hosting a child sexual abuse prevention seminar through a community group, a workplace, a faith group or a child’s school. Awareness raising seminars provide those attending with sound information and advice on how to protect children from sexual abuse.

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Our quarterly newsletter gives an insight into what we have been up to and what we have coming up. It is for all those who work with children and families, or are involved in child protection, as well as parents and carers who want to do the best to protect their children from sexual harm. Sign up by sending an email to and pass it on to your friends!

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