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Working with parents and carers

Stop it Now! England works across the country directly with parents and carers to make sure they are as best placed as they can be to protect children from sexual abuse.

The Stop! England team delivers ‘Parents Protect!’ child sexual abuse awareness workshops at Children’s Centres, Schools, Community Centres and other community groups such as youth and church groups.

These courses do come at a cost and this can be discussed with you.

The programme

The Parents Protect! programme is a 90 minute public education session for parents, carers and other adults to raise awareness of child sexual abuse and provide positive messages about what they can do to protect children.

The session focuses on dispelling common myths about child sex offenders while at the same time arming parents and carers with sound information that will help them keep their youngsters safe. It also offers a better understanding of how convicted sex offenders are managed by the police, probation and other statutory and voluntary bodies on release into the community.

The presentations are supported by a website; and a 30 minute e-learning programme (hosted on the site) which parents and carers can work through in their own time.

Download a leaflet about our Parents Protect! courses.

Contact us by emailing or calling 01372 847160.