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Helpline Reports

The Stop it Now! Helpline has been operating since 2002 and we have published three reports during this time (2002-2012, 2002-2005 and 2005-2009). Since the first report was published, the need for this unique resource has been confirmed, both by an increase in calls and emails and by how callers value the service it provides.

Our Helpline reports demonstrate that:

With accurate information and support, adults can be effective agents of prevention within their family and the wider community.

Our resources are free to download, and we want to continue to provide free information and research to help adults, parents and carers protect children from harm. However, as a charity we have limited funds available to develop and print materials and we welcome support from individuals. If you are interested in making a donation to help support our work please follow this link.      

Evaluation report

To download a copy of the independent evaluation of our Helpline visit our evaluation page.                  

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Our latest report covers the operation of the Helpline and the work of the Campaign from 2002-2012.

In Part One you will find statistics, case studies and information relating to the thousands of people the Helpline has assisted over the years. In Part Two you will read about the work of the Stop it Now! campaign and how it has helped hundreds of thousands of people in communities across the UK.


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