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The Stop it Now! campaign to tackle online viewing and sharing of sexual images of children.

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Stop it Now! is a campaign to prevent child sexual abuse. It is run by the registered child protection charity, The Lucy Faithfull Foundation.

Stop it Now! recently launched a major public awareness campaign aimed at tackling online viewing and sharing of sexual images of children. The campaign aims to deter people from accessing online indecent images of children by:

To find out more about the law regarding these harmful images, please watch our film No Justification - below right.

And to find out more about the consequences for those who continue to access such images, please watch our film Very Real Consequences - below left

You can find out more about our campaign in this BBC Online news article.

What you can do

If you are worried about your own online behaviour - or if you know someone who may be struggling with their online behaviour -  please visit our Get Help website.

The website offers practical advice, support and information for people who want help to stop looking at online sexual images of children. It also gives you information on how to contact the Stop it Now! Helpline - which is completely confidential and anonymous.