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Upstream toolkit

Building on our earlier pilot work with Community Police Officers, we have developed a Community Engagement and Prevention Toolkit (the Upstream toolkit).

Our strategy is to deliver the toolkit to ‘community facing’ agencies across Scotland and create sexual abuse ‘prevention agents’ in communities across the country (communities of interest as well as neighbourhoods). These agents can then use the contents of the toolkit to enable them to engage with the public at neighbourhood level empowering adults, families and communities to play an active and responsible role in preventing child sexual abuse.

The project is funded by the Scottish Government’s National Strategy for Survivors of Childhood Abuse (Survivor Scotland) and is currently overseen by the Association of Chief Police Officers in Scotland.

The Upstream toolkit brings together material from -

  • Parents Protect!
  • National Community Disclosure Scheme (Keeping Children Safe)
  • Other material for use with specific communities of interest.

Delivery and use of the toolkit is also now being embedded into the training and development of Community Police Officers across Scotland and is also being extended to other agencies and bodies who regularly engage with adults, families and communities across the country including sports organisations, faith communities and churches, theatre groups and the schools-based work of rape and sexual assault centres.

It is intended that the programme will also be further extended to include a web-based toolkit for agencies and a web-based and interactive toolkit for parents and other adults.

Community Disclosure Scheme

Alongside this work we co-ordinate and manage the Community Disclosure Scheme (Keeping Children Safe) on behalf of the Police Service of Scotland and the Scottish Government. The Scheme allows adults to ask the police for information about other (named) adults who have contact with a (named) child and where there is concern for that child’s safety as a result. This is an important contributor to the protection of children in Scotland and we promote the use of the Scheme throughout our work so that adults can use it when they are concerned and wish to take steps to prevent abuse from occurring.

More Information

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