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Prisoners Information Project - Talk abOUT it! 

The project is funded by the Scottish Government (Survivor Scotland) and was piloted in partnership with HM Prison Addiewell in 2011 and received further funding for 2012/2013 to expand the project into other prisons in Scotland.

The overall aim of the project is to reduce the likely influences of the experience of child sexual abuse on adult offending behaviour, adult vulnerability and subsequent social and mental health problems.
Talk abOUT it! has designed and produced information booklets specifically tailored for individuals who have experienced childhood sexual abuse, signposting them to relevant services offering support. The booklets are available for both men and women and a CD/DVD of this material is currently being developed for those disadvantaged through literacy problems.

The booklets will be available in HMP Barlinnie, HMP Glenochil, HMP Corton Vale, HMP Addiewell along with the prison visitor centres at HMP Perth, HMP Edinburgh and HMP Barlinnie. Other organisations working with prisoners and their families also have access to the booklets including, Families Outside, Circle, Moira Anderson Foundation and Open Secret.

More information

For more information or to get a copy of the booklet contact Carol Robinson, Project Officer on 0131 556 3535 or email