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What we do

Stop it Now! Scotland is the national programme for the prevention of Sexual abuse.

Stop it Now! Scotland works within a public health approach to the prevention of child sexual abuse. All of our project work and interventions are located within this framework as either:-

  • Primary prevention – preventing abuse from happening in the first place
  • Secondary prevention - reducing the risk of abuse by targeting particular ‘at risk’ groups
  • Tertiary prevention - preventing further abuse by those who already identified as posing a potential risk of harm to children

Currently we have two main projects…

Early Intervention to Prevent Sexual Abuse in Scotland (EIPSAS)

We provide direct intervention to individuals in Scotland who are worried about their sexual thinking or behaviour, have recently been arrested or are a concerned family member.

Further information about the project can be found on our Community Engagement - EIPSAS page

The Upstream Project

We aim to prevent the sexual abuse of children or sex offending before it takes place. In this way we believe we need to go “upstream” to give people the right tools to use to prevent abuse from happening.

Further information about the project can be found on our Community Engagement - Upstream page