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What we do

Stop it Now! Scotland is the national programme for the prevention of Sexual abuse.

We work to make Scotland's children and young people, and our communities, safer by:-

  • providing information about child sexual abuse and sex offending
  • promoting the involvement of communities in preventing sexual abuse and protecting children
  • providing and participating in projects to help individuals, agencies and communities prevent child sexual abuse
  • working in strong partnerships with other agencies and organisations to make Scotland safer.

We are funded by the Scottish Government to carry out a range of work to achieve our aims consistent with national outcomes.

Our main strategic areas of work are:-

  • community engagement
  • developing services for those affected by child sexual abuse

We develop and deliver resources to promote and enable Community Engagement on child sexual abuse and sex offending; we co-ordinate and manage the National Community Disclosure Scheme (Keeping Children Safe); we provide information on child sexual abuse to people who commit offences including people in prison across Scotland; we provide a range of innovative services for those under investigation or charged with ‘internet offences’ and for their partners and families; and develop other services, resources and responses for people affected by child sexual abuse.

We work in close partnership with other agencies in Scotland particularly the Scottish Government, the Police Service, the criminal justice service, survivor agencies and the voluntary sector.

We aim to prevent child sexual abuse by improving understanding across communities and encouraging early recognition and response by all adults including abusers themselves and others affected by child sexual abuse.