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Welcome to Stop it Now! Wales!

Stop it Now! Wales works across the country to ensure that parents, carers and professionals are as best placed as they can be to protect children from sexual abuse.

We believe that child sexual abuse is preventable and that all adults have a role to play in protecting children from sexual harm. This can be best achieved when adults are alert to the signs of child sexual abuse, including the behaviour that someone who might pose a risk to children can display, and knowing where they can seek help and advice.

We work closely with local authorities, LSCBs, police, the government, the voluntary sector, families and communities.

We work to make Wales’ children and young people safer by:

We have undertaken a pan-Wales consultation to review the services and interventions that exist to prevent the sexual abuse of children in Wales on behalf of the Welsh Government and the National Assembly for Wales Children and Young People’s Committee. For more information on the Comprehensive Review, follow this link.

Our services have also been independently evaluated by Cardiff University. The final report by Cardiff University was very positive. It found that "the overwhelming majority of participants saw benefits in attending a Stop it Now! Wales session". You can read the full report here.

Stop it Now! Wales has one full-time and one part-time members of staff and several part-time volunteers who cover North, South and West Wales. The campaign is hosted by Victim Support in Cardiff and is supported by a multi-agency steering group which meets quarterly. Stop it Now! Wales is funded by the Martin Roberts Children’s Fund, the Community Foundation in Wales, the Waterloo Foundation, Families First Conwy and the Lucy Faithfull Foundation.