How do I tell someone about a family or friend’s offending?


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If you are worried about how someone you know behaves around children or what they do online, we encourage you to get support by working through these sections and contacting our anonymous helpline.

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The first step involves working out who you want to tell. This decision can be difficult and you might be worried about how they will react.

Think about your friends and family, and the times when you’ve provided a listening ear and support, even when you disagreed with their choices. This should help you identify people who would react in the same way and give the same level of support to you, regardless of the circumstances.

We suggest that you take things slowly and follow these steps.

If you have any concerns, questions, or would just like to talk about what you are going through, our non-judgemental helpline advisors are here to support you. You can stay anonymous and don’t have to give your real name or any contact details. If you’re not ready to speak to anyone yet, you can also use our live chat or send a secure email.

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