Online behaviour of another adult

We can help you if you’re worried about someone else’s illegal or harmful online behaviour with children.

Our online information and support can help you move forward if you know or think a family member or friend is viewing sexual images of children online or having online sexual conversations with children.

You can also get support from our Family and Friends Forum, a safe space to share your own experience, and to read about the experiences of others. To post in the forum you’ll need to register first, but you don’t need to give your name to register to use the site.

Our aim

We try to provide the information that family members need to begin to make sense of a very difficult situation. Finding out or worrying that someone close to you is looking at sexual images of children, or having sexual conversations with children, is usually very upsetting. People worry about the consequences not just for that person, but for themselves and their families.

Our anonymous self-help section can help people who are concerned about their own online behaviour with children. It gives information about the law, and helps people understand and stop their illegal online behaviour.

If you need support, you can call our confidential helpline to speak to a trained advisor who won’t judge you. If you’re not ready to speak to someone then you can use our live chat or secure messaging system.

We also have a leaflet that can help you to understand what has happened if someone you know has been viewing sexual images of children or talking to them sexually online, including if the police are involved. It provides the advice you will need on how to move forward.


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  • The information provided throughout this website is intended for information, self-exploration and self-help only. It is designed to increase awareness in people who may feel they experience sexual thoughts about children or may have committed a sexual offence against a child. The information contained in this website is not, and should not be taken as, a substitute for professional advice and/or treatment.
  • Although the content of the self-help exercises is based on existing research, this research is ongoing and the authors would not wish to make any claims about effectiveness.
  • All the information contained on this website is intended to increase awareness of a problem, or potential problem, with regard to a sexual interest in children and is not designed to form a diagnosis. Anyone who feels that they may have a problem in this area should seek professional advice from a qualified person.
  • The Stop It Now! team accepts no liability for claims by, or damages of any kind whatsoever to, users of this website. This also applies to decisions or actions taken by any individuals on the basis of the information contained on this website.
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