Online behaviour

This part of the site is for wives and partners, parents, adult family members and friends of people who they suspect or know may be accessing indecent images of children online, or engaging in other inappropriate sexual behaviours involving children.

It contains our Family and Friends Forum, a safe space to share your own experience, and to read about the experiences of others. To post in the forum you’ll need to register first, but you don’t need to give your name to register to use the site.

Our aim

  • To provide the kind of information that family members need in order to begin to make sense of an extremely challenging situation. The discovery or suspicion that someone close to you is looking at sexual images of children is usually very upsetting and people worry about the consequences not just for that person, but for themselves and their families.
  • Don’t forget, you can of course talk to a trained operator on the Stop It Now! helpline, or use our secure messaging system.

This website also offers freeanonymous self-help section for people who are concerned about their own online behaviour. It provides information about illegal online images and the law, and helps users to identify and explore their problematic use of the internet and to manage their behaviour.

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