Partner testimonies

Nothing can prepare you for the sudden realisation that your loved one has been leading a double-life. People who look at online sexual images of children often seem, to their partners and family, to be carrying on quite normally. So the sudden discovery of their terrible secret can be devastating for partners and loved ones.

But all too often it is incredibly hard for those close to the offender to find the support, advice and information they need if they are to come to terms with their loved one’s behaviour. That is why we have published a number of accounts from people who have been in that position. Some of them are not easy reads, but we do hope that they will help other people finding themselves quite suddenly in a similar position, who have no information on what to do next and what they can expect in the coming weeks and months.

Liz and Tom are parents to two children. Tom was charged with downloading indecent images of children. The case was reported in the media. Tom is continuing to access support.

Eileen met Paul when they were in their early 20s, studying at university. 28 years later, Paul was arrested for going to meet a 13 year old girl for sex (who turned out to be a police officer).

Janice and Michael had been married for 25 years when he was arrested for looking at online sexual images of children online. They have two daughters together; both of whom were away at university.

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