What can I do for my loved one?

If you feel your loved one is ready to take some responsibility for what he has done, it is critical that he finds ways of meeting his needs in ways that are appropriate and legal, rather than by going online to view images.  A psychologist, Dr Tony Ward, developed a positive psychological approach to the treatment of sex offenders. The Good Lives Model is designed to help offenders focus on implementing a viable and meaningful ‘good life’ plan, rather than meeting their needs in inappropriate or harmful ways.

The simple model below identifies a number of aspects (‘goods’) that most of us would agree   contribute towards a positive and fulfilling life. They include our need, for example, for romantic and family relationships, feeling that we are good at what we do, whether at work or at play, or being able to express ourselves in our personal creativity.


The needs of wives, partners and family members can easily be overlooked when someone is arrested for Internet offences against children, but when you are able to begin to think about planning for a positive future it’s really important that you consider your own needs and how these will be met. If you would like to talk to someone about this, please call the Stop It Now! free and confidential helpline – 0808 1000 900.

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