Sexual thoughts or behaviour towards children


Wellbeing and self-care

For wives and partners, parents, adult family members and friends of people who they suspect or know may be engaging in inappropriate behaviour involving children.

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Finding out or suspecting that someone close to you is experiencing sexual thoughts about children, or engaging in illegal sexual behaviour, is usually very upsetting. People worry about the consequences not just for that person or the child, but for themselves and their families.

We can support you

Get in touch with us if:

  • someone you are close to has told you they experience sexual thoughts about children
  • someone you are close to has committed a contact sexual offence against a child
  • you have concerns about the behaviour of someone you know towards children

How can we help you?

We can help you understand the risks, and warning signs and develop family safety plans with information and advice on our Parents Protect website.

If you have any concerns, questions, or would just like to talk about what you are going through, our non-judgemental helpline advisors are here to support you. You can stay anonymous and don’t have to give your real name or any contact details. If you’re not ready to speak to anyone yet, you can also use our live chat or send a secure email.

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