Do I need professional help?

Sometimes just talking to someone close to you about how you are feeling will be sufficient. However, any of the following may be indicators that you would benefit from talking to a professional:

  • Persistently (i.e. for weeks/months, rather than days) having difficulties with eating and/or sleeping
  • Drinking more alcohol than usual or drinking alcohol more frequently
  • Frequently crying
  • Low mood that affects your ability to go about daily activities
  • Persistently unable to go to work due to how you are feeling
  • Becoming socially isolated (avoiding family and friends)
  • Difficulties with separating thoughts and reality
  • Loss of interest in the things you used to enjoy
  • Persistent feelings of fear or anxiety

The above is not an exhaustive list. Any persistent changes in your mood, thinking or behaviour that do not subside after a few weeks are worth checking out with your GP.

Alternatively, you may wish to talk these issues through in the first instance with a confidential helpline such as that offered by the Samaritans or the Stop It Now! helpline.

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