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Many people who have engaged in online sexual behaviour involving children believe that there is a ‘grey area’ between what is legal and illegal.

If you are viewing any image or video of a child under 18 for sexual gratification, regardless of whether the child is nude, semi-nude or clothed, then this is . The police may investigate the possession of multiple images of clothed children. If you are unsure about the age of someone in an image then you should not view it. Not knowing the age is not an excuse.

Sexual drawings of children or computer generated images are also illegal in the UK. Manga is a style of drawing for comic books and novels. There are many Manga drawings depicting children in sexual situations. These are illegal to view in the UK.

If you are talking sexually to people on line, you should always ask their age. If anyone says they are under 18 you should stop the conversation immediately, it doesn’t matter if you think they are older or that it is part of a fantasy. This is illegal and the Police will always prosecute if you continue to talk sexually to someone who states they are under 18.

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