Children’s Services will be involved in your family

Children’s Services will become involved with your family if you are being investigated for offences relating to children and:

  • You have children under 18
  • You have children over 18, and they have their own children that you have regular access to
  • There are any other children you have access to within your family or your social circles.

Why will Children’s Services be involved?

Children’s Services become involved because they see you as a risk to all children, including your own. Children’s Services do not know you – all they know is that you have been engaging in sexual behaviour online involving children.

In their eyes, this means you are potentially capable of committing a contact offence against a child. If this is not the case, then it is going to take a long time to prove otherwise.

What will happen?

When you are arrested, you will need to provide details of children you have regular contact with and Children’s Services will need to assess your risk to them.

Children’s Services may set their own restrictions that you need to comply with. These might include:

  • No unsupervised contact with your children
  • Moving out of the family home, if you currently live with children

If you are convicted, Children’s Services may begin a ‘Section 47 enquiry’, in order to decide if further involvement in the family is required. This will also decide what type of action is needed in order to safeguard and promote the welfare of the relevant child/ren.

Children’s Services may ask the parents to do some specific work to address risk factors (such as treatment programmes for offenders or protective parenting work for parents). The outcome of Children’s Services assessments will vary depending on individual risks and circumstances.

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