Your life and relationships

You might be in the media

There is a chance that your case will be shown in the media. This is never guaranteed, but it can also never be avoided or controlled.

If it’s in the media, it’s in the media. If it’s not, it’s not. You just need to be aware that it’s a possibility and think about what effect it will have on you, your children, your partner and the rest of your family.

Your relationships may deteriorate

How are your family going to feel if your partner, your children or your parents have found out you have been accessing sexual images of children?

What opinion are they going to have about you? Will they still love you? Will they still want to have contact with you?

How are you going to tell your children what you have done? What will they think if you suddenly move out of the family home with no explanation?

Many individuals in your situation are lucky as they have family members and friends who want to support them through this. Others are not so lucky.

Nobody can predict how a person is going to react. Do you want to take this risk or do you want to get help now?

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