How do I start?

Before using the self-help section, we strongly recommend that you complete each of the four explorations in the order shown in this self-awareness section. This will help you better know what problems you may be experiencing.

After completing each exploration you will be shown your results along with some information to help you interpret them.

We recommend that you complete the explorations relating to your internet use at the time of offending, and then again once you’ve completed the self-help modules. This will give you some feedback about what has changed and what problems you may still be experiencing.

Once you have completed the explorations in this section, please move on to the modules in the self-help section.

Internet Dependency

To allow you to monitor your use of the internet. Based on the Diagnostic Questionnaire devised by Kimberly Young (1998).


Online Cognition Scale

To allow you to understand your use of the internet. Based on the Online Cognition Scale developed by Davis, Flett and Besser (2002) and used here with kind permission of the authors.


Internet & Values

To help you identify the areas in life that you value and to let you see just how far you have tried to meet these values during the last year. Developed by Luciano and Ortega in 2004 and based on the work of Wilson et al. (2002).


Illegal Activities Matrix

To describe your involvement with sexual images of underage children online.

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