Understanding the behaviour


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Many people who have engaged in online sexual behaviour involving children believe that there is a ‘grey area’ between what is legal and illegal.

Find out more about UK law relating to offline and online offences.

If you are under investigation, and you are looking for additional services to address the behaviour, you can contact the helpline and find out about our inform+ or Engage+ course. If you are not under investigation, but are looking for additional help, you can contact the helpline and access our get help call back service.

Understanding behaviour

This section will help you understand how you behave online, why you do it, and what might be a problem. It will help you see if you’re doing things that could hurt you or others. When you finish the modules, it will help you see how your online actions affect your life and relationships. This can lead to using the internet in a healthier and more responsible way, so you don’t harm anyone and prevent you from offending.

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