Can I change my sexual thoughts?

Our clinical experience tells us that this is possible for some people. Much depends on the nature and strength of the problem, including how long it has persisted and whether the problem exists alongside non-paraphilic, age-appropriate sexual interests. Therapy aimed at fantasy modification is beyond the scope of this guide, although you will find some exercises here.

Further confidential advice can be provided by one of our specialist staff via the helpline.

What if I cannot change my sexual thoughts?

When an individual’s sexual thoughts have not been amenable to change through therapy, the focus of treatment becomes the development of appropriate self-management and coping strategies. Many approaches to treatment utilise the principles of the Good Lives Model.

For some individuals, it is acknowledged that pharmacological treatments may be of benefit to help them from acting on their sexual urges. It should be noted that these treatments may have significant side effects and doctors are cautious about prescribing.

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