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Welcome to Stop It Now! Scotland. This website is anonymous and confidential; we don’t track individual users.

We’re a child sexual abuse prevention charity. You’ve reached this page after clicking on a message from the #GetHelpOrGetCaught campaign.

It is illegal for adults to access sexual images of anyone under 18 and have online sexual conversations with children under 16. It has serious consequences. It harms children.

But there is help available to stop. We can help:

If you would like to talk to someone about your worries, you can contact us confidentially and don’t need to give us any details:

Who we are

Stop It Now! Scotland is a child protection charity that works to keep children safe by preventing child sexual abuse in Scotland.

We provide support to people with problematic sexual thoughts and those who may be at risk of sexual offending, including those who are under investigation for internet offences.

We also support friends and family members of individuals who are at risk of sexual offending.

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