Worried about your online behaviour?

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Thanks for taking a brave step.

Welcome to the Stop It Now! UK and Ireland website, which is anonymous and confidential. We don’t and can’t track individual users.

We’re a child protection charity. We work mostly with adults.

You’ve reached this page because you’ve searched for material that might feature the sexual abuse of children. Viewing sexual images or videos of minors harms children, and watching them could lead to your arrest.

Maybe you made the search because you’re curious or because you’re bored with what you’ve already seen.

Maybe you made the search because, although you don’t like to admit it, you have a sexual interest in the material you were looking for.

There is help available to stop.

Find out more if you’re concerned about how the internet is affecting your behaviour and want support to change. This website is written in English but you can use Google translate or your preferred online translator, if necessary.

We can give you anonymous support to change – send us a confidential and secure message or use our live chat (for writers in English only, please).

We’ve helped thousands deal with their behaviour. We can help you.

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