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This website is anonymous and confidential. We don’t track individual users.

We help people with questions or concerns about child sexual abuse, including those worried about their own or someone else’s sexual thoughts, feelings or behaviour towards children.

Thousands of people are in touch with us each year about these matters on our telephone helpline, live chat or anonymous email service. We also provide individual counselling, group treatment sessions and online self-help programmes.

Our experienced helpline advisors don’t judge and can support anyone struggling to manage problem behaviour and unwanted feelings towards children and young people. We also support anyone worried about a child or young person’s sexual behaviour, including if they’ve got into trouble online.

In South Africa the possession, production and distribution of sexual images of children is illegal.

To the best of our knowledge, no support service similar to Stop It Now! is currently available in South Africa. If you would like support or advice regarding sexual thoughts or behaviour towards children, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

You can call the confidential and anonymous Stop It Now! helpline in the UK – you don’t need to give us any identifying details:

When calling from the UK: 0808 1000 900 (Monday-Thursday 9am-9pm, Friday 9am-5pm (UK time)

When calling from outside the UK: +44 1372 847 161 (see opening times above in Western European Time, UTC – you will need to check what these times are wherever you are calling from)

The helpline operates in English and we also have translators.

If you’re not ready to speak to anyone yet, you can send us a secure email, use our live chat or try our online self-help.

We help thousands of people every year. We can help you too.

PLEASE NOTE: Our Stop It Now! website is in English. If you follow the links above, you can use the Google Translate button at the top of the page.

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