40 percent increase in people seeking help to stop looking at online sexual images of children

4 April 2018

There has been a sharp rise in the year on year numbers of people in the UK seeking help from Stop it Now! to stop either their own viewing of online sexual images of children, or that of a loved one.

According to data released today, 36,443 UK people contacted Stop it Now! in 2017. This represents a 40% increase on the 26,089 people who contacted Stop it Now! in the previous 12 month period.

A large majority of those contacting Stop it Now! in 2017 visited the Stop it Now! Get Help website. The Get Help website hosts self-help resources, advice and support for people who want to address their online behaviour.

A further 2,251 people called the anonymous Stop it Now! Helpline in the same period with concerns either about their own online behaviour, or that of a partner or family member. Each country in the UK saw increases in the numbers of people contacting Stop it Now!: England saw a year on year increase of 41%; Wales saw an increase of 20%; Northern Ireland saw an increase of 40%; and there was an increase of 55% in Scotland.

The rise in numbers of people contacting Stop it Now! is partly explained by a campaign to tackle online viewing of sexual images of children, launched by Stop it Now! in October 2015.

As a result of the advice they received, callers and web visitors reported taking steps to control their behaviour, including stopping all internet or pornography use, installing controls and filters on devices and informing partners or family members.

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