CEO Deborah Denis responds to the news that Meta will introduce end to end encryption across more of its platforms

7 December 2023

Today, Meta announced its decision to introduce end to end encryption across all Facebook and Messenger chats.

In response to the news, our Chief Executive Deborah Denis has issued a statement about the potential child safety implications of this decision.

Deborah Denis said: “Meta’s decision to introduce end to end encryption on more of its platforms is profoundly disheartening and one that strikes a blow to child sexual abuse prevention.

We know from our decades of experience that abuse thrives in secrecy and this new layer of protection means Meta’s will become the platforms of choice for those who seek to sexually abuse children online.

We also know that online child sexual abuse is a growing issue and in just two years our Stop It Now helpline has seen a 64% increase in contacts from people concerned about online grooming. So, this is the wrong decision, in the wrong context, at the wrong time.

We urge Meta to consider the many thousands of young victims of online sexual abuse every year and to ensure the necessary child safety measures are put in place to keep their platforms safe.

We mustn’t throw children to the wolves.”

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