New look, same mission: why we’ve rebranded

6 December 2023

You might have noticed that we look a little bit different – we have just rebranded.

While we’re still the same organisation with the same purpose – to prevent child sexual abuse and exploitation – we needed to update our identity to one that reflects who we are today as well as our plans for the future.

Who we are

The Lucy Faithfull Foundation is a child protection charity that works to stop child sexual abuse before it happens. And we’re here for everyone who needs us.

We have more than 140 staff working across England, Scotland and Wales. We turned 30 last year, and in that time, we’ve grown in size and adapted to new risks and challenges in our mission to protect children from sexual harm.

Our main area of work is with people who pose a sexual risk to children – to divert them from causing harm. We also support individuals and families affected by abuse, and we help professionals who work with these families to create safer environments for children.

We strongly advocate for child sexual abuse to be treated as a public health problem so that prevention gets far more resource and focus.

Why the rebrand?

Since we were founded in 1992, the threats to children have evolved, and so has our work.

Over the last 30 years we have led the way in developing and launching innovative projects and services designed to respond to child sexual abuse after it has occurred but also prevent it beforehand wherever possible. This has led to a patchwork of project names and websites, which has meant we sometimes confuse the people we are trying to help.

It hasn’t always been obvious that our projects and brands are connected – or which people should go to for their needs. Simply, it has meant that people couldn’t always tell how we could help them.

Many of the people we work with are in crisis or vulnerable, so this is a big deal.

To fix this, we’ve been working on something much more than just a rebrand. We’ve reviewed who we are, what we say and how we present ourselves. The focus has been on how we can help the people who need us the most to get support in the easiest way possible.

What’s changed?

We’ve updated our look to reflect our ambition to create a world free from child sexual abuse.

It‘s bold, using a line next to our name to denote a barrier that should not be crossed to ensure children are protected.

We have also cut down the number of brands we have so that it’s easier for people to find our services when they need them.

Our values

Lucy Faithfull Foundation

The Lucy Faithfull Foundation has always been the charity responsible for all our projects, services and brands. We’re now making that clearer and also changing the names of our teams in Scotland and Wales. The work in these nations has evolved to include a broader spectrum of services for a wider variety of audiences than envisaged when first created and they’ve outgrown the Stop It Now name that they launched with. Stop It Now Scotland and Stop It Now Wales will now be known as Lucy Faithfull Foundation Scotland and Lucy Faithfull Foundation Wales.

We need to speak to all the different groups of people who need us. To do that clearly, to ensure they can easily find help and feel supported, we are retaining two distinct projects.

Stop It Now will continue to support adults concerned about preventing child sexual abuse and Shore will continue to support young people.

Stop It Now

Our UK and Ireland Stop It Now project supports any adult with a concern about preventing child sexual abuse.

  • A confidential helpline for a range of people.
  • Adult abusers and those at risk of abusing: to encourage them to recognise their behaviour as abusive or potentially abusive and to seek help to change.
  • Family and friends concerned about an adult displaying worrying sexual thoughts or behaviour towards a child: to encourage them to recognise the signs of abusive behaviour in those close to them and to seek advice about what action to take.
  • Parents and carers concerned about a child or young person with worrying sexual behaviour: to encourage them to recognise the signs of concerning or abusive behaviour and to seek advice about what positive action they can take.
  • Adults concerned about a child or young person who may have been abused.
  • Professionals calling for case advice.
  • Adult survivors of child sexual abuse.

– Online self-help programmes for people concerned about their own or a loved one’s online and offline sexual behaviour towards children.

– Online information and educational materials to help parents and carers keep their children safe.

– Programmes in response to online abuse.

– Effective campaigning activity, including our successful work to deter online offending.

We have updated the Stop It Now logo to remove the variations that existed across the different UK nations and to align with the new look, feel and colours of the Lucy Faithfull Foundation logo. But it was important for us to keep the Stop It Now name, which is recognised across the country and around the world.

Stop It Now originated in the US before launching in the UK in 2002. Since then our helpline alone has directly supported over 75,000 people and countless others through our website and campaigning. The global network of Stop It Now projects, now in seven countries, all with a shared mission and methodology, makes it vital that we uphold the brand, continue to share what we learn, as well as represent a model of child sexual abuse prevention with a growing evidence base that can inform and inspire others.


For decades, we’ve worked with young people and families to help stop harmful sexual behaviour. This year, we launched Shore, a new website that provides a safe space for teenagers worried about their own or a friend’s sexual behaviour. Young people can get help directly from our experienced practitioners through our live chat and secure email.

What next?

Some of this is a work in progress and will take time. Over the next year, we’ll be updating our websites, making sure that people can easily find the help they need.

We’ll be using this rebrand as an opportunity to be bolder in advocating for the importance of prevention and a public health approach to tackling child sexual abuse. This can only be done together, in partnership with others, so if you’d like to discuss working with us then please get in touch.

This is also a chance to thank our supporters and funders who have been instrumental in getting us to this position – thank you all.

We’ve been working for over 30 years to prevent child sexual abuse. If you need us, we’re here for you.

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