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Stop It Now! UK and Ireland was established in 2002 by child protection charity The Lucy Faithfull Foundation – the only UK wide charity dedicated solely to preventing child sexual abuse.

Established in 1992 and named after its founder Baroness Lucy Faithfull, we work tirelessly to prevent child sexual abuse. We believe that child sexual abuse is preventable and that we can have a society where children are free from sexual abuse and exploitation.

The Lucy Faithfull Foundation manages the Stop It Now! helpline and campaign, and trained staff provide a call-back and face-to-face service to helpline callers who need specialist, ongoing advice and support.

As a child protection charity, we work to prevent child sexual abuse by making sure adults know what they can do to keep children safe. Through our anonymous and confidential online advice and self-help resources, we can help you:


Our mission is to prevent the sexual abuse of children and young people by working with protective adults, those affected by abuse and those perpetrating it, including young people with harmful sexual behaviour. We are committed to using our expert knowledge to impact on public policy, and to educate families, professionals and the public. We help children and young people to stay safe in all our work.

We believe child sexual abuse is preventable, not inevitable.


Our vision is a world in which children’s right to live free from abuse and exploitation becomes a reality.

What we do

Our purpose is to safeguard children and young people from sexual abuse by preventing it and responding to it. We work with entire families that have been affected by abuse including: adult male and female sexual abusers; young people with inappropriate sexual behaviours; victims of abuse and other family members.

We believe that changing offenders is one of the best ways of protecting children. Sex offenders must be held accountable for their actions. Nevertheless, many abusers and potential abusers are troubled by their sexual thoughts regarding children. They need access to appropriate sources of support and intervention to help them manage their thoughts and behaviour and to assist them to live responsible, fulfilling and law-abiding lives. This is particularly important for young people who have engaged in sexually abusive behaviours. We also recognise that some sex offenders are not motivated to change and represent such an on-going risk to children that the protection of children can only be achieved through close management by statutory agencies or detention.

To protect children, it is vital we study and disseminate the results of research into:

  • the nature, extent and probable causes of sexual offending
  • the effects on victims and their families
  • the effective prevention of offending
  • the assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of offenders or likely offenders.

This forms the basis of education and training for professionals, schools, parents and the general public about both on and off-line sexually abusive behaviours, the prevention of such behaviours, the rehabilitation and treatment of offenders or potential offenders, and the care and treatment of victims.

We offer a broad range of services for professionals and members of the public, these include: assessments, intervention and treatment of known offenders, case specific advice and support, training and development courses and workshops, educational programmes for internet offenders and their families, circles of support and accountability and internet safety seminars for schools (teachers, parents and children).

Further information is available on The Lucy Faithfull Foundation website.

Fran Henry, a survivor of child sexual abuse in her family in the USA, recognised how vital it was for the problem of child sexual abuse not to remain hidden, nor to be seen as something only professionals could do anything about.

Fran founded Stop It Now! (USA) with the aim of giving all adults access to a safe and confidential place in which to discuss their concerns and receive the advice and support needed to keep children safe. They established a helpline to provide such a place for adults, including for those who had abused or were at risk of abusing.

Since 2002, led by The Lucy Faithfull Foundation, Stop It Now! UK & Ireland has built on this visionary concept, and our helpline takes calls from thousands of people each year.

We continue to work with Stop It Now! (USA) as well as with other children’s charities, survivor organisations, statutory agencies and government departments across the UK and Ireland. These alliances are crucial not only to the credibility and effectiveness of the helpline, but to the underpinning campaigning work of Stop It Now! at local, regional and national levels.

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