Each caller to the helpline is given one or more actions to take to protect children. Evaluation shows that in 2017/18, 96% of repeat callers said they took the actions we gave them.

The helpline was independently evaluated in 2014 by specialist researchers from NatCen Social Research. Their subsequent report has been described as ‘overwhelmingly positive’ with findings showing that the helpline provides a valuable contribution to tackling child sexual abuse by helping people who have sexual thoughts, feelings and behaviour towards children manage their behaviour, and by assisting all callers to be informed about how to protect children and young people from risk of harm.

Independent evaluation of our indecent images of children campaign shows:

  • Campaign activity drives pre-arrest offenders to the Stop It Now! helpline – more than half online survey respondents heard about Stop It Now! via campaign activity.
  • Pre-arrest offenders report positive attitude changes after engaging with Stop It Now! including a greater awareness of personal and legal consequences of viewing IIOC.
  • Pre-arrest offenders report positive behaviour changes after engaging with Stop It Now! including completely stopping viewing indecent images of children, avoiding risky situations, installing filters on their online devices, and using online self-help resources to help with stopping.
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