“The innovative approach of the Stop It Now! helpline allows people who are concerned about any aspect of child sexual abuse to talk about it in confidence. For families and friends, people working in the field of child sexual abuse and offenders, this is an invaluable resource.”

Martin Narey, Former Chief Executive Barnardo’s

“ChildLine offers a confidential service for children and young people, but not for adults, including adult abusers who may contact us. Our counsellors find the Stop It Now! helpline service incredibly valuable as there is very little other help available for adults worrying about their behaviour and feelings towards children.”

Joelle Leader, Former Assistant Director Childline

“If we are going to make significant progress towards preventing child sexual abuse in the UK we need a comprehensive strategy to prevent it which engages government, the voluntary sector, communities and families. Over the last 10 years Stop It Now! has been a key player in developing innovative practice and thinking, particularly in relation to the primary prevention of child sexual abuse. Long may its influence and presence continue.”

Jon Brown, Head of Strategy & Development (Sexual Abuse) NSPCC

“One of the Police service’s most fundamental roles is to do whatever we can to protect people from harm. However, preventing and combating child sexual abuse is not just the responsibility of the Police service, it is everyone’s responsibility. The more that adults can learn in order to raise awareness and understanding of the steps that can be taken to prevent child sexual abuse, the more children will be freed up to enjoy happy and fulfilling childhoods.”

Former Chief Constable Paul West, former ACPO Lead on the Management of Sexual Offenders and Violent Offenders

“One of the main reasons that NAPAC fully supports and endorses Stop It Now! is that their work is aimed at preventing abuse from happening in the first place. The overwhelming desire of all survivors is that children do not suffer as they did. Stop It Now! is integral to that goal and we are pleased to stand beside them and their dedicated team.”

Peter Saunders FRSA, National Association for People Abused in Childhood

“The Stop It Now! helpline is invaluable to those who need help, advice and support with really difficult issues which people find hard to face up to and cope with. Undoubtedly it’s contributed a huge amount over its 10 years. Stop It Now! and The Lucy Faithfull Foundation fulfil a vital role in the child protection and child sexual abuse prevention landscape. They expertly manage issues which society would often rather forget, or not discuss. Because of their work, children are better protected and abusers are better managed into an offending free lifestyle. I am proud to be a member of their advisory group.”

Susie Hargreaves, CEO, Internet Watch Foundation

“The service the helpline provides is invaluable and offers alternative support and assistance to adults who offend. Its unique and non-punitive approach enables adults to engage with the process and to put into place safeguarding measures.”

Julie Shepherd, Area Head of Children, Schools and Families Directorate in Surrey

“NOMS Public Protection and Mental Health Group (PPMHG) has supported Stop It Now! since 2002. PPMHG’s support recognises the contribution made by the helpline in protecting the public by offering a service that is easily accessible by any member of the public who needs advice and support, whether they are a potential offender or someone who is worried about the behaviour of a relative or acquaintance.”

Public Protection & Mental Health Group

“Making communities safer can be done in a variety of ways. The sensitive and highly effective work of the Stop It Now! helpline is constantly proving itself to be an indispensable means for reducing child sexual abuse.”

Stephen Hanvey, former Chief Executive Circles UK

“Sexual abuse is all too often shrouded in secrecy. The important work undertaken by Stop It Now! UK and Ireland and its helpline service make very significant contributions to the range of interventions needed to prevent abuse and protect children and young people.”

Jonathan Picken, BASPCAN (the British Association for the Study & Prevention of Child Abuse & Neglect)

“High profile cases such as that of Jimmy Savile serve as a reminder to us all that allegations of abuse must be investigated thoroughly and robustly – and that preventing abuse from happening in the first place is vital. Prevention requires early intervention and public education. The Stop It Now! helpline and campaign are essential contributions to preventative services.”

Shaun Kelly, former Head of Safeguarding, Action for Children

“Thanks for a fabulous Stop It Now! UK and Ireland conference – brilliant speakers, excellent organisation, good venue – what more could we ask for, and amazingly good value.”

Sue Roughton, Designated Nurse, Nurse Consultant Safeguarding Children, NHS North Yorkshire & York

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