Further information and research

Dr Jo Clarke, Consultant Forensic Psychologist and Managing Director of Petros, has done a lot of research on the impact of working in critical professions (including working with sex offenders).

A useful article written by Dr Clarke can be found in:

Journal of Sexual Aggression: An international, interdisciplinary forum for research, theory and practice

Volume 17Issue 3, 2011


Also some relevant publications on this field if you are interested in further reading:

  • Paton, D., Violanti,J.M., Johnston, P., Burke, K.J., Clarke, J.M., & Keenan, D. (2008). Stress Shield: A model of Police Resiliency. International Journal of Emerginecy Mental Health
  • Clarke, J.M. (2008). Promoting Professional Resilience. In M Calder (Ed), Contemporary Risk Assessment inSafeguarding Children pp. 164-180. Russell House Publishing
  • Clarke, J.M & Roger, D. (2007). The construction and validation of a scale to assess psychological risk in sex offender treatment providers. Legal and Criminological Psychology, 12, pp 83-100
  • Clarke, J.M., & Roger, D. (2002). Working therapeutically with sex offenders: The potential impact on the psychological well-being of treatment providers, in L Falshaw (Ed) Issues in Forensic Psychology: Impact of Offending (invited paper)
  • Clarke, J.M. & Carter, A.J .(2000). Relapse Prevention with Sexual Murderers in D.S.Laws, S.M. Hudson and T. Ward (Eds) Remaking Relapse Prevention: A Sourcebook, New York, Sage
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