Specialist services

Specialist assessment, training, intervention and case advice

This site has been developed by the Lucy Faithfull Foundation and the Home Office to help work with internet offenders, their families and professionals. If you feel that you need additional support or training to improve your ability to work with particular individuals or internet offenders in general then visit http://www.lucyfaithfull.org.uk/services.htm to find out about services that may be suitable to meet your needs.

The Lucy Faithfull Foundation believes that child sexual abuse is preventable and that we can have a society where children are free from sexual abuse and exploitation. Our purpose is to safeguard children and young people from sexual abuse by preventing it and responding to it. As well as working with professionals the Lucy Faithfull Foundation works with people who have committed offences on the Internet, particularly in relation to viewing, downloading and/or distributing indecent images of children. We also work with members of their family to help them address the questions and issues the behaviour of their loved one has raised.

Download our Internet Abuse Services Leaflet

Inform and Inform Plus

Inform Plus and Inform are educational courses for adult Internet offenders and their families and friends. Click here for more information.

Inform for Young People

Inform for Young People is a programme for children and young people with concerning internet behaviour and their families. Click here for more information.

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