Help and advice

We offer anonymous and confidential help and advice to anyone concerned about child sexual abuse. There is no judgement when you contact us.

If you have been arrested for online offences or someone you love has been arrested, we encourage you to get in touch to get support. We know that this can be an incredibly anxious time for all concerned. If the police gave you our ‘Still Reeling’ leaflet, it outlines some of the ways we can help.

Helpline services

Scotland: 0131 556 3535 (10am – 12pm Monday to Friday). If we are busy, you can leave a message and contact number, and we will get back to you. You can also email us:

UK: 0808 1000 900 (9am–9pm, Monday-Thursday and 9am–5pm on Fridays). Or you can also use our live chat or send us a secure email. You can remain anonymous. However, if you do provide any identifying information and then tell us a child has been, or is at risk of being abused, or any information which may suggest that any other person is at risk of harm, we will pass this on to the appropriate agencies.

If you or a loved one has been arrested, then after you have called us, you may be offered a face-to-face meeting with one of our staff. This will only be if you want it, but many people have found this a great help and comfort.

Online self-help

This website has anonymous and confidential advice, and self-help resources to help adults keep children safe, including:

Advice for parents, carers and professionals in Scotland

Our prevention website Upstream offers advice to help prevent child sexual abuse and keep children safe.

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