How can we help?

Stop It Now! Scotland work to prevent child sexual abuse in Scotland, and keep children safe.

Who we help

  • adults and communities throughout Scotland to prevent child sexual abuse, through our Upstream Project
  • those concerned about their own online or offline behaviour towards children, whether they’ve been arrested or not, through confidential help and advice
  • anyone concerned about the online or offline behaviour of a loved one
  • those concerned about the behaviour of a child or young person, including online
  • professionals in the criminal justice, health care and children settings looking for advice and support

We provide a range of group-work programmes and one-to-one interventions for the above issues.

We also provide training (through our parent charity) on all aspects of child protection, risk management and sexual offending, including kinship cyber resilience.

How to get in touch

Our office is open 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday and offers free confidential and anonymous advice (via 0131 556 3535). There is no judgement, we speak to thousands of people every year and help them take action to protect children.

The helpline is confidential and you don’t have to give us any details that will identify you. But if you give us information that identifies a child who has been – or is at risk of being – abused, or any other person who is at risk of harm, we will pass that information on to the appropriate agencies. We will also pass on details of criminal offences committed.

Our UK helpline also offers confidential advice and support to help you prevent child sexual abuse. It’s open 9am–9pm Monday-Thursday and 9am–5pm on Fridays.

Online support and information to stop child sexual abuse

Our website has anonymous self-help resources to help adults keep children safe, including:

Our prevention website Upstream offers advice to parents, carers and professionals in Scotland to help prevent child sexual abuse and keep children safe. For example, tips on how to talk to children about online safety or if something is worrying them.

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