Kinship Cyber Resilience Training

Kinship Cyber Resilience Training

Stop It Now! Scotland has worked with the Scottish Government to develop a training programme for kinship carers on cyber resilience and online safety. This programme is designed to be delivered to carers by their social workers, either in groupwork or individual work.

The suite of training materials contains a four hour core training course on cyber resilience and online safety, download the presentation.

The course focuses on basic awareness of relevant issues and is designed to build a carer’s confidence in talking to their child about their online life in a way that promotes safety and skills development. The training course also signposts carers to up to date resources and organisations that can provide further advice and support.

Training notes on delivering this course as well as evaluation forms can be requested from

Modules to download

To supplement this core training, we are producing a further 10 modules covering a range of relevant issues for kinship carers. Each can be delivered in training to carers and contain around one hour of content each. Trainer notes can also be requested for each of these modules.

Addictions, gaming, pornography

Applications social media & safe navigation

Brain development

Communicating safely

Child sexual exploitation


Digital footprints


Privacy and security online

Technology assisted harmful sexual behaviour

Cyber resilience and internet safety

We are in the process of producing a leaflet for carers that sits with this training package which will be available in June 2020.

All of these training materials are open source and can be downloaded and adapted for use by organisations on the understanding that our authorship is acknowledged. Stop It Now! Scotland and our parent UK charity The Lucy Faithfull Foundation are also able to provide online and offline training in this area to carers, social workers and other professionals.

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