Child sexual abuse prevention resources

We’re committed to supporting frontline professionals at this challenging time.

This involves ensuring that professionals have access to up to date, practical resources that can be used with service users to help prevent child sexual abuse.

While families are under lockdown restrictions, many children will face immediate risks in their own homes and opportunities to report abuse or seek help might be reduced reduced. Also, while schools are closed many children will spend longer periods of unsupervised time online, which increases risks of online harm.

Ensuring that parents have advice and information to help them prevent child sexual abuse both online and offline is more important than ever, as is ensuring that adults who are worried they may present a risk of sexual harm to children have access to advice and information about how to control and manage their behaviour and make better choices.

Our Upstream Prevention Pack includes six leaflets for professionals and those they work with.

Services for professionals: information for professionals about our services, including case consultation to professionals and how to make a referral.




Support for you: information about services and resources we provide to people who are worried about committing a sexual offence or re-offending. Written for criminal justice social workers, professionals involved with offender management and mental health / counselling professionals who work with adults worried about sexual thoughts or feelings towards children.



Support for families: leaflet on prevention services and resources we provide. Written for  child protection professionals working directly with families where there is a risk of harm to children e.g. children and families social workers, teachers, third sector organisations etc





What we all need to know to protect our children: Guide for parents and carers, including advice on what to do if they are worried about risk to a child or if a child discloses abuse.




Cyber Resilience and Internet Safety: A Guide for Parents and Carers. Includes speaking to your child about their online life, helping build children’s understanding of safety online and what to do if you are worried about risks to your child online.




What’s The Problem? – Scottish update of guide for parents and carers worried their child has sent or received sexual images, has accessed online pornography or has been arrested for accessing indecent images of children.



Hard copies of leaflets may be available on request – please contact Please also take a look at our Upstream website, with information and resources that help adults prevent child sexual abuse.

If you have any concerns about child sexual abuse, you can call our confidential and anonymous helpline.

Staying safe online has never been more important. For some adults who have autism or a learning disability navigating the internet safely and legally can be complex. They can be at greater risk of being groomed or find themselves (often unwittingly) viewing sexual images of under 18s.

That’s why, in partnership with Fife Adult Support and Protection Committee, we’ve developed these easy read resources to educate and raise awareness of the dangers of online grooming and the inappropriate use of child images.

This leaflet helps people to:
• Understand tactics online groomers use to exploit people
• Stay safe online
• Get help

Download – I’ve made a new friend online. But I’m worried. What do I do?

This leaflet helps people to:
• Understand what type of image are inappropriate
• Know the legal and personal consequences
• Get help

Download – What am I looking at online

If you want more information about the resources, please contact or call 0131 556 3535. Fife organisations can request paper copies from or call 03451 55 55 55 ext 442134.

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