Sexual communication with children online

We’re a child sexual abuse prevention charity. You’ve reached this page after clicking on a message from our campaign to deter people from grooming (sexually communicating with) children online.

It is illegal for adults to have online sexual conversations with children. It has serious consequences. It harms children.

But there is help available to stop.

If you’re concerned that you’re communicating sexually with children online, or are considering doing so, and want help to understand and change your behaviour, click here.

If you’re concerned about how the internet is affecting your behaviour, click here.

If you would like to talk to someone about your worries, you can call our confidential Stop It Now! helpline and don’t need to give us any details:
UK and Ireland: 0808 1000 900 (Mon-Thur 9am-9pm, Fri 9am-5pm).
Scotland: 0131 556 3535 (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm)

Or you can send us a confidential and secure message by visiting



It is very important to us that this website is as effective as possible in supporting people to make important changes in their lives. The most important feedback we can receive is from users of the website themselves, to help us understand if the site is really helping people to change their online behaviour. We would therefore be very grateful if you could spare about 10-15 minutes to complete our anonymous survey. If you do not have time to complete the survey now, please do come back to it later. There are other links to the survey throughout the site.

To take the survey, please click here. Thank you.

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