Police Scotland online CSE campaign 2018

Police Scotland has launched an important campaign today to keep children safe online.

The campaign aims to tackle online sexual abuse of children by warning perpetrators that they will be caught and the consequences for them and their families will be severe and life-changing.

The Police Scotland campaign is aimed at those engaged in online grooming of children for sexual purposes, online or webcam sexual extortion and live streaming of abuse. It also targets people viewing and sharing indecent images of children online.

The campaign recognises that to protect children from sexual abuse much more needs to be done to prevent children from being abused in the first place.

So Police Scotland are urging anyone involved in any form of online sexual abuse of children to contact Stop It Now! Scotland to get help to stop.

Stop It Now! Scotland supports any initiative that makes it clear that it’s adults
who are responsible for protecting children from being sexually abused. That
means an adult with any concern whatsoever regarding their sexual thoughts and behaviour towards children needs to contact Stop It Now! so we can help them to address and change their behaviour.

If you are worried about your own sexual thoughts and online behaviour towards children

Call the Stop It Now! Scotland Helpline (0131 556 3535) for advice and support on changing your behaviour. All calls are confidential and you will not need to give your identity or contact details.

If you want help to stop looking at online sexual images of children, you can also visit the Stop It Now! Get Help section. The site offers a wide range of information and advice, as well as online self-help tools and resources. These will help you to understand your behaviour, what triggers it and what you can do to stop looking at indecent images of children.

What to do if you are a victim of online sexual abuse

If you are a victim of online child sexual abuse, we recommend you contact the following charities and organisations who will be able to provide the help and support you need:

NSPCC Childline – a free helpline for children run by the NSPCC. All calls are confidential and you won’t have to give your name if you don’t want to. 0800 1111

The Marie Collins Foundation – the UK charity for children who are victims of child sexual abuse and exploitation via the internet.

CEOP – a law enforcement agency that works to keep children safe from sexual abuse and exploitation.

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