Lucy Faithfull Foundation Wales

Providing support across Wales

Welcome to Lucy Faithfull Wales (previously called Stop It Now! Wales). We work across Wales to prevent child sexual abuse.

Our Information for partners pack has information about our services, training sessions as well as our resources and includes suggestions on how to promote and share this resource with your networks to help us keep children safe from harm. Our partner pack is also available in Welsh.

We help parents, carers, families, and communities know what they can do to keep children safe. Visit our supporting parents and carers section to learn more.

We also work with professionals, including local authorities, safeguarding boards, police, the Welsh government, and voluntary organisations. Visit our supporting practitioners section to learn more.

Lucy Faithfull Foundation, the only UK-wide child protection charity dedicated solely to preventing child sexual abuse.

Support for parents
and carers

Understand more about child sexual abuse and how to support your child if they have been affected.

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Support for professionals

Find information on different forms of child sexual abuse and guidance on supporting children and families affected by it.

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Confidential helpline

Anyone concerned about child sexual abuse and its prevention can call the anonymous Stop It Now! helpline.

0808 1000 900


Visit the resources section for our newsletters, campaign materials, and toolkits.

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Work with us

We welcome opportunities to work with other professionals to develop our work across Wales. 

We run the Stop It Now action group, which is a forum for sharing ideas and finding ways to reach more people to prevent abuse. If you can share our information then you’ll help us reach and support more people. Please consider joining us as a partner organisation.

It’s important we receive feedback on how we do things from parents and carers of children or young people so we continuously strengthen the service we provide. Consultation groups are a forum for providing your feedback, and an opportunity for parents and carers to meet like-minded people and discuss how best we can all keep children safe in the online and offline world. Please contact us to discuss joining a consultation group. You can find the contact details for our team here.

There are other ways you can work with us including volunteering and supporting what we do online. Please visit our getting involved page to discover all the options.


We rely on the public’s generosity to reach as many parents, carers, and professionals as possible to help protect children. Find out how to donate and how this supports our work.

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