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Visit us at the Wales National Eisteddfod

We will be attending the National Eisteddfod to promote our work and share what everyone can do to prevent child sexual abuse.

The Eisteddfod runs from 5 to 12 August 2023 and is an annual Welsh language arts and culture festival, which attracts approximately 150,000 people over the eight-day event.

We will be meeting families and promoting our new resources, such as our Family Safety Packs, and the Stop It Now! helpline. You can also enter a prize draw for a chance to win a set of children’s books about healthy relationships, respect and consent.

If you are visiting the Eisteddfod, then please come and say hello and find out more about our work.

Train the trainer event: new dates available

Professionals in Wales can attend our two-day Train the trainer event, which familiarises participants with our Parents Protect presentation and enable them to deliver it in their role or community.

These training sessions are suitable for practitioners who work with parents or carers and we particularly welcome enquiries from professionals who support minority groups across Wales.

Date: 4 and 5 September 2023

Developing skills and confidence with up-to-date exercises and materials is a key part of gaining your trainer status. By the end of this session, participants will familiarise themselves with the Stop It Now! Wales Parents Protect presentation. This includes the methods of delivering this training to parents and the wider community to raise awareness, sharing information about child sexual abuse and our responsibility to prevent it.

This course focuses on:

  • understanding offender behaviour,
  • how and why people sexually abuse children,
  • understanding the increased vulnerability of children with additional needs,
  • the barriers to identifying harmful sexual behaviour and how to overcome them,
  • positive actions adults can take to prevent child sexual abuse, acting on concerns
  • and where adults can go for information, support or advice.

Some of the positive feedback we received following recent Train the trainer sessions:

“This training was so useful, and practical, and gave us the knowledge and confidence to do what we need to do to tackle Child Sexual Abuse in our corner of the world.”

“The training gave me knowledge, skills and information that is easily transferred to my working day”

For more details, please contact the Wales team.

Resources to help you protect children during the summer holidays

With the summer holiday already begun, we would like to take this opportunity to remind you about some key resources available to help keep children safe.

  • These Parents Protect films have vital information for parents, carers and professionals on how to prevent child sexual abuse and recognise warning signs of abuse in children and young people. The films also have advice on how to create a family safety plan, online safety tips and what to do if you suspect abuse (also available in Welsh).
  • Our confidential child sexual abuse prevention helpline (0808 1000 900) is available for anyone with concerns about child sexual abuse. Callers do not need to give identifying information, so can remain anonymous. We speak to thousands of people every year, and help them act to protect children and young people from sexual abuse and exploitation. We can also arrange for you to speak with someone in over 200 different languages. Or you can use our live chat or secure messaging service.
  • Talking to children and young people about personal and online safety, relationships and sex at an age-appropriate level can help protect them from abuse. Read our blog post to find out more about how to START the conversation.
  • We have information for parents, carers and professionals to raise awareness of harmful sexual behaviour in children and young people and what to do if something has already happened (also available in Wales).

Please get in touch if you want more information about our work.

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