The leaflets and resources on the page aim to help you understand more about child abuse prevention, what happens during child sexual abuse investigations and how you can begin challenging conversations with children around personal safety and harmful sexual behaviour.

They are free to download, and we want to continue to provide free information and research to help adults, parents, and carers protect children from harm. But because we have limited funds available to develop and print materials, we welcome any donation that you can give.

Preventing child sexual abuse practitioner’s toolkit:

This toolkit provides information, support and resources needed to confidently manage any issues you find and to pass on key messages to help protect children within your community.

What we all need to know to keep children safe from sexual abuse:

We work across Wales to keep all children safe from sexual abuse. Partnering with other organisations means we can help more people, which is why we’ve been working with Ethnic Minorities and Youth Support (EYST)Learning Disability Wales (LDW), and Stonewall Cymru to make new leaflets for families. These partnerships are funded by the Welsh Government.

How can I keep children safe?

You can download and share our leaflets with information on how to keep children safe, both online and offline.

Take a look at our leaflets for parents or carers:

Our leaflets for professionals:

The leaflet is also available in several other languages:

Our easy read guide for parents:

This document was written by Stop it Now!. It is an Easy Read version of ‘A guide for parents of children and young people who have got into trouble online’. This guide will look at 4 main areas: 1. My child has watched pornography online. 2. My child has sent or received nude pictures or videos. 3. My child is in trouble for viewing illegal sexual pictures or videos. 4. My child has been groomed online. You will find this guide helpful to support your child.

Harmful sexual abuse prevention toolkit:

This toolkit is designed for parents, carers, family members and professionals, to help everyone play their part in keeping children safe. It has links to useful information, resources, and support as well as practical tips to prevent harmful sexual behaviour and provide safe environments for families.

Child sexual abuse investigations:

Practical information about what will happen if there is an investigation about your child being sexually abused.

Child sexual abuse prevention leaflet:

Sexual abusers can be anyone – men, women, young people, children, family members, friends, or professionals known to a child. They are people we know, people we care about, and people from all classes, cultures, and backgrounds.

Child sexual abuse prevention poster:

If you are concerned about a child or about how an adult behaves around one, even if it’s just a nagging doubt, don’t keep it to yourself.

Family safety plan:

A guide for parents to keep children and young people safe from sexual abuse.

Preventing child sexual abuse: what we all need to know for parents and carers:

A leaflet for parents and carers to understand more about child sexual abuse and its prevention.

Preventing child sexual abuse: what we all need to know for professionals:

A leaflet for professionals to understand more about child sexual abuse and its prevention.

Helpline card:

Free helpline for free confidential advice.

Preventing Child Sexual Abuse:

Stop It Now! believes that child sexual abuse is a preventable public health problem and challenges adults to create a society that no longer tolerates such abuse.

Child’s Play:

Preventing abuse among children and young people.

The internet and children:

The internet and mobile phones have become part of our everyday social and working lives and the majority of families now have at least one computer in their home. Although these advances in technology offer a wealth of new experiences, we also need to be aware that they can be used inappropriately by men, women, and young people. Some inappropriate use can cause sexual harm to our children.

SMART Rules:

Helping you protect your children from sexual abuse.

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