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If you or your employer have a website, you can add a link to our websites so that more and more people become aware of the help available to prevent child sexual abuse.

Below is some suggested text that you could use. You do not need to ask us if you can add the link, but if you want to include a logo or any further information you can contact us via email on or by phone on 01372 847160.

Stop It Now! is a useful website for anyone with concerns about child sexual abuse. The Stop It Now! campaign operates an anonymous and confidential freephone helpline for any adult with concerns including those worried about the sexual behaviour or another adult towards children, those worried about their own thoughts or behaviour towards children and those concerned about the worrying sexual behaviour of a child or young person.

Parents Protect! is a child sexual abuse prevention and awareness website which helps parents and carers do the best they can to protect their children from sexual abuse. The site is a useful resource of information, guidance and resources.

Stop It Now! UK and Ireland also has a YouTube channel which features videos designed to raise awareness to the issue of child sexual abuse, also providing information on how to protect children from abuse. You can link to our channel on your website to help spread prevention messages.

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