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Child protection and safeguarding training for professionals

We deliver child sexual abuse and exploitation training to professionals and fontline staff across Wales. This includes all those who work with children, young people and families such as social workers, teachers and others within education settings, health professionals, early years professionals, local authority staff, youth workers, faith organisations and charities and voluntary sector organisations.

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We cover topics such as:-

Bespoke safeguarding and child protection training

We work with Welsh organisations to identify their needs and tailor our safeguarding and child protection training appropriately. We can create packages suitable for all those working with children, young people and families.

Safer Recruitment Training in Education Settings and the Wider Workforce

Organisations and individuals who work with children and young people, or are involved in providing services for them, have a duty to safeguard and promote their welfare. If you recruit staff and/or volunteers into the children and young people's workforce, you should be trained in safer recruitment practices.

Stop it Now! Wales can offer a range of safer recruitment services:-

We can also provide advice and guidance on how to implement safer working practices, including reviewing child protection policies. Using our knowledge of abuse in the work place, we can help you create an environment that keeps children as safe as possible.

Professionals Protect! Session

The Professionals Protect! session is a 2-hour public education session for professionals, volunteers or other adults who work or volunteer with children, young people and families. The session raises awareness of child sexual abuse and provides positive messages about what can be done to protect children. Discussion during the session allows participants to understand abuser behaviour including the barrier to identifying harmful behaviour and how to overcome them. The session concludes with information about what positive preventative actions adults can take in their professional roles to prevent child sexual abuse.

Professionals Protect! Advanced course

This one-day course raises awareness, educates and builds confidence in professionals on issues around child sexual abuse prevention, internet safety, understanding healthy sexual development in children and young people, and positive preventative actions that can be taken. Courses are made up of 8 hours in total, either given in one day or split into sessions. This course is for professionals who wish to gain an in-depth understanding of child sexual abuse and its prevention. It is particularly relevant to health visitors, nurses, mid-wives, social services intake and assessment team staff, teachers and school support staff, youth workers, child care workers, and those who work to support children, young people and families.


Our bespoke sessions on Safeguarding help individuals and organisations build more effective safeguarding practices and procedures into their daily work.

Conwy Borough County Families First Project

Conwy Borough County Families First has funded us to deliver of a number of protective sessions aimed at families and professionals. We have already developed strong local links in Conwy that will enable the project to reach and engage with Conwy families. But we are always keen to hear from others who may be interested. Organisations in Conwy wishing to book a session can download our flyer in English and Welsh.


The Roman Catholic Archdiocese Safeguarding Commission

"On behalf of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese Safeguarding Commission, I just want to thank you for the excellent 'Professionals Protect' Training you have delivered for us. At present we have completed five training sessions with three further sessions arranged. Additionally an 'Internet Safety Seminar' was delivered. All your training sessions were very well received and we hope to continue with this valuable work.

"The training feedback forms we received indicated 100% achievement in the categories of 'usefulness', 'recommendation to others' and in 'giving parents more confidence in dealing with abusive situations'. A General Practitioner who attended told me this was the best course she had received on child protection. Your professionalism, punctuality and commitment is very much appreciated in delivering outside the normal working day to meet the needs of parents and safeguarding representatives.

"We would also like to thank the Welsh Government for funding the Lucy Faithfull Foundation Programmes and trust they will be in a position to continue this vital training. We feel your sessions have made a valuable contribution to child protection in Wales"

Martin Mahoney, Safeguarding Coordinator, Archdiocese of Cardiff

Rape and Sexual Abuse Support Centre, North Wales

"We received a safeguarding session from Stop it Now! as part of our 10-week volunteer training programme for our organisation - Rape and Sexual Abuse Support Centre, North Wales.

"The service we received was very professional. All queries were addressed promptly and communication was friendly. The training content met our organisations needs and the trainer was able to address all questions that arose during the session. Highly recommended service."

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