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Welcome to Stop It Now! Wales

Since 2008 we’ve been working across Wales with local authorities, local safeguarding boards, police forces, the Welsh government, the voluntary sector, and with families and communities. We work to make Wales’ children and young people safer by:

  • disseminating information around preventative measures that adults can take to protect children from sexual abuse
  • delivering keeping children safe from sexual abuse sessions to parents and carers
  • working on a group and individual level with parents and families to prevent child sexual abuse
  • delivering child protection and safeguarding training to multi-agency professionals

Keeping children safe project – public education sessions

We have received three year funding from the Welsh Government to provide public education sessions for parents, carers or professionals. This project will see us deliver a programme of work to ensure parents, carers, professionals and volunteers working with children and families are as best placed as possible to protect children from sexual harm. We will deliver public education sessions; run a child sexual abuse prevention public education campaign; create a bilingual toolkit for professionals with resources and information; deliver ‘train-the-trainer’ sessions to professionals to increase confidence and skills in talking about child sexual abuse, and enable them to deliver their own prevention sessions; and we will host multi-agency training days.  

We are looking for individuals or groups to act as hosts for the public education sessions. This would involve providing a venue and inviting participants. Stop It Now! Wales facilitator will then attend and deliver the two-hour education session. Sessions topics are all based around prevention of child sexual abuse or exploitation and will be tailored to your groups needs. The sessions are Parents Protect, Professionals Protect, Digital Resilience, Understanding Harmful Sexual Behaviour and Child Sexual Exploitation Awareness. Further details on the different sessions available and how to book a session is included on the flyers below.  

As part of this grant we will be offering train the train opportunities to individuals working in this sector that will be able to cascade our information to groups they support. We will also be hosting one day multi-agency training days, in North and South Wales for professionals to discuss prevention of child sexual abuse.

Download our information leaflet in Welsh and English about our public education sessions.

Early Intervention Project

We have received three years funding from the Welsh Government to provide two strands of early intervention for vulnerable or at-risk families in Wales. The first strand will be a programme of Parent’s Protect Plus sessions for small groups of parents identified as ‘at risk’ or as needing early intervention with regarding to child sexual abuse or exploitation by statutory or voluntary services. The second strand is for individual early interventions for vulnerable or ‘at risk’ families, for instance, where sexual abuse has taken place, allegations have been made or another increased risk has been identified. They may also be families who have come to the attention of local services for other reasons.

Both of these programmes can be accessed on a referral basis – please see the flyers for details about how to refer a family or individual onto either of these services.

We also welcome an informal telephone discussion regarding any concerns you may have about a family or situation prior to referral. Contact Claire on 07720 590129 for South and West Wales enquiries or contact Gill on 07803 629628 for North and Mid Wales enquiries.

Download our information leaflet about the Early Intervention Project in English and Welsh.

Download our information leaflet about Group Parent’s Protect Plus sessions in English and Welsh.

Stop It Now! Wales is part of The Lucy Faithfull Foundation. Since 1992 The Lucy Faithfull Foundation has been working with governments, professionals and the public to prevent the sexual abuse of children. Our vision is a world in which children’s right to live free from abuse and exploitation becomes a reality. Our mission is to prevent the sexual abuse of children and young people by working with protective adults, those affected by abuse and those perpetrating it, including young people with harmful sexual behaviour.

We run the Stop It Now! Action Group which meets quarterly.

Stop It Now! is hosted by the NSPCC in Cardiff.

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