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Covid-19 update

Here at The Lucy Faithfull Foundation and Stop It Now! Wales, it has been business as usual since the start of the coronavirus lockdown in March 2020. We know that the pandemic has created many challenges for families in keeping children safe but also for professionals in our efforts to prevent child sexual abuse. Be assured that as an organisation we are doing everything we can and more to continue our prevention work – all of our services have swiftly moved to online delivery.

New projects

We’ve been successful in securing vital funding from the Welsh Government to support our prevention activities:

  • Keeping Children Safe, a public awareness campaign
  • A group programme for small groups of parents identified as in need of early intervention
  • Individual 1-2-1 early interventions for vulnerable or ‘at risk’ families

Find out more about how you can get involved and how we can help you.

Train the trainer workshops

We’re offering one-day train the trainer workshops to practitioners who work with families and children/young people, enabling them to share information or deliver their own sessions or include our messages within their day to day work. You can see more information here.

Seeking parents and carers to our consultation groups

Are you a parent or carer? Do you work with groups of parents? Are you interested in influencing development of our work across Wales? If so, please get in touch. We are seeking parents or carers who can offer us an opinion through focus groups. This is an opportunity to meet other parents to discuss how best we can keep our children safe in the online and offline world. Please contact Claire or Gill if you require any more information.

Surge in calls to helpline – and a new live chat service

Our confidential Stop It Now! helpline has seen a dramatic increase in calls since lockdown measures first eased. Between June and August the helpline was contacted by more than 2760 people across the UK with worries about child sexual abuse, an increase of 47% compared to the first three months of lockdown.

We help anyone with worries about child sexual abuse prevention, including parents, carers and professionals. Because we know people want to receive support in different ways, we’ve just launched a new live chat service.

New harmful sexual behaviour prevention toolkit

Children and young people are most likely to be at risk of sexual abuse within their family and community. But not all sexual abuse is carried out by adults. Around one third of child sexual abuse is thought to be carried out by under 18s. And as Covid-19 restrictions mean that some children might be spending more time unsupervised offline and online or away from supportive adults, there’s a real danger that cases of harm might increase.

That’s why we’ve made a toolkit for parents, carers and professionals to help them be aware of the risks of harmful sexual behaviour in children and young people, so that they know what they can do to prevent it. It’s got support, advice and information, plus resources and links to useful organisations. Take a look and please share with your networks.


We’ve recently recruited for a new project worker in South Wales, and welcome Sarah to join Claire and Gill. We will soon be recruiting for a project worker in North Wales to deliver our ‘Keeping Children Safe’ project across the North Wales area.

Our impact this year

This year we worked with hundreds of parents, carers, families and frontline workers, so that they have the tools to protect children. To find out more about the impact of all the projects in Wales and the wider charity this year, have a read of our annual report, complete with headline stats and plans for the future.

Please get in touch if you want more information about our work, would like to book one of our public education sessions or make a referral in for our early intervention service. Our work is funded by the Welsh Government and we welcome opportunities to work in partnership with statutory and non-statutory partners.

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