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The leaflets and resources on the page aim to help you understand more about child abuse prevention, what happens during child sexual abuse investigations and how you can begin challenging conversations with children around personal safety and harmful sexual behaviour.

They are free to download, and we want to continue to provide free information and research to help adults, parents, and carers protect children from harm. But because we have limited funds available to develop and print materials, we welcome any donation that you can give.

You can also contact us to order the leaflets below.

What we all need to know to keep children safe from sexual abuse\Yr hyn y mae angen i ni i gyd ei wybod

We work across Wales to keep all children safe from sexual abuse. Partnering with other organisations means we can help more people, which is why we’ve been working with Ethnic Minorities and Youth Support (EYST), Learning Disability Wales (LDW), and Stonewall Cymru to make new leaflets for families. These partnerships are funded by the Welsh Government.

How can I keep children safe?

You can download and share our leaflets with information on how to keep children safe, both online and offline.

Take a look at our leaflets for parents or carers who:

Have children who have a learning disability:
Have a learning disability:
Are from minority ethnic backgrounds:
There is also an easy read version:
We have leaflets for professionals:

The leaflet is also available in several other languages:

What’s the risk?

Child sexual abuse is a huge problem, but often it is hidden. It affects children from all backgrounds.

  • Around 1 in 6 children will be sexually abused. Many won’t tell anyone, and most won’t be known to police, social services, or health workers.
  • Most sexual abuse is carried out by someone the child knows. Around one-third of sexual abuse is carried out by other children and young people.
  • Research has shown that LGBTQ+ young people are more likely to be sexually abused than non-LGBTQ+ young people, and most don’t receive any help or support.
  • Children with a disability are three times more likely to be sexually abused than children who don’t have a disability.
  • Shame can mean abuse isn’t talked about or reported, especially in ethnic minority communities.

Who sexually abuses children?

People who sexually abuse children come from all backgrounds, ethnicities, communities, and all walks of life.

They can be anyone – men, women, married, single, young people, children, family members, friends, or professionals.

Most children who are sexually abused are abused by someone they know and trust. They are:

  • people we know
  • people we care about
  • people from all classes, cultures, and backgrounds.

Harmful sexual behaviour prevention toolkit / Pecyn cymorth i atal ymddygiad rhywiol niweidiol

This toolkit is designed for parents, carers, family members and professionals, to help everyone play their part in keeping children safe.

Download the English harmful sexual behaviour prevention toolkit (pdf)

Download in Welsh harmful sexual behaviour prevention toolkit (pdf)

Child sexual abuse investigations: A guide for parents and carers\Ymchwiliadau i gamdrin plant yn rhywiol: Canllaw i rieni agofalwyr

Practical information about what happens if there is an investigation about your child being sexually abused.

Download the English child sexual abuse investigations guide (pdf)

Download the Welsh child sexual abuse investigations guide (pdf)

Child sexual abuse prevention leaflet

Download the English campaign leaflet (pdf)

Download the Welsh campaign leaflet (pdf)

Public awareness posters

Download the English public awareness posters (pdf)

Download the Welsh public awareness posters (pdf)

Family safety plan

Create a family safety plan to keep children safe.

Download the English family safety plan booklet (pdf)

Download the Welsh family safety plan booklet (pdf)

Preventing child sexual abuse/ Atal camddefnydd rhywiol o blant

This leaflet introduces the Stop It Now! UK & Ireland project. What it is, why we need it and what Stop It Now! is doing to prevent child sexual abuse.

Download the English preventing child sexual abuse leaflet (pdf)
Download the Welsh preventing child sexual abuse leaflet (pdf)

When ordering please quote item code Stop01

Child’s play? Preventing abuse among children and young people/ Chwarae plant?

This leaflet is for everyone involved in bringing up children. It explains that some children do indeed sexually abuse other children, how we can recognise the warning signs, and the action we can take to prevent it.

Plain English Campaign award winner.

Download the English child’s play leaflet (pdf)
Download the Welsh child’s play leaflet (pdf)

When ordering please quote item code Stop03

The internet and children – what’s the problem/Y rhyngrwyd a phlant – beth yw’r broblem?

This leaflet encourages people to question their own use of the new technologies and to seek advice. It provides the information needed to recognise the telltale signs that someone may be using the new technologies in sexually inappropriate or harmful ways and enables people to build up the confidence to do something about it. It also gives tips on how to help children remain safe whilst on the net.

Download the English the internet and children: what’s the problem leaflet (pdf)
Download the Welsh the internet and children: what’s the problem leaflet (pdf)

When ordering, please quote item code Stop04.

Stop It Now! Wales helpline number card (Welsh)

Small laminated card (credit card size) with helpline and website details.

Download the Stop It Now! helpline card (pdf)

For more advice and information, please see our Parents Protect website.

Please email the Wales team for more information or call 07720 590129.

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