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Feedback from a Probation officer

“The project assisted in carrying out my sentence plan for the service user by providing relevant expertise. It helped the service user achieve goals that were personally meaningful to him and I noticed how it helped the service user make the positive changes required to live an offence free life.”

Probation officer

Feedback from the Roman Catholic Archdiocese Safeguarding Commission

“On behalf of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese Safeguarding Commission, I just want to thank you for the excellent ‘Professionals Protect’ Training you have delivered for us. At present we have completed five training sessions with three further sessions arranged. Additionally, an ‘Internet Safety Seminar’ was delivered. All your training sessions were very well received and we hope to continue with this valuable work.

“The training feedback forms we received indicated 100% achievement in the categories of ‘usefulness’, ‘recommendation to others’ and in ‘giving parents more confidence in dealing with abusive situations’. A general practitioner who attended the training said this was the best course they had received on child protection. “Your professionalism, punctuality and commitment is very much appreciated in delivering outside the normal working day to meet the needs of parents and safeguarding representatives.”

“We would also like to thank the Welsh Government for funding The Lucy Faithfull Foundation programmes and trust they will be in a position to continue this vital training. We feel your sessions have made a valuable contribution to child protection in Wales.”

The Roman Catholic Archdiocese Safeguarding Commission – Martin Mahoney, Safeguarding Coordinator, Archdiocese of Cardiff

Feedback from the Rape and sexual abuse support centre

“We received a safeguarding session from Stop It Now! as part of our 10-week volunteer training programme for our organisation – Rape and Sexual Abuse Support Centre, North Wales. The service we received was very professional. All queries were addressed promptly and communication was friendly. The training content met our organisations needs and the trainer was able to address all questions that arose during the session. Highly recommended service.”

Rape and sexual abuse support centre, North Wales

Feedback from a parent

“A few weeks ago we received rather an informal letter from our local primary school, asking whether we would be interested in attending a session highlighting child sex abuse. I assumed it would be one of the teachers briefly outlining how to keep our children safe, both in real life and online and the security measures taken by the school when our children accessed the internet during lessons.

“So one cold, wet, dark evening last week I headed back to school, wanting to support the effort but fully expecting to not really gain a great deal of information. And how wrong I was.

“The ‘Parents Protect’ session was run by Stop It Now! In case you haven’t heard of Stop It Now! they are a UK based child sexual abuse prevention campaign, funded by the Welsh government and the Lucy Faithfull Foundation and can be found over at www.stopitnow.org.uk. The programme believes that children can be protected once responsible adults are aware of how sexual abuse is perpetrated and they work to empower responsible adults to feel confident in spotting the signs of sexual abuse and where to go to report their concerns.

“To tell you that you were about to sit through a two hour session might sound daunting, but Gill assured us that there would be nothing graphic, nothing personal and that we could leave at any time. We learnt about abuser behaviour, how and why people sexually abuse children and how to identify harmful behaviours. Gill explained the four pre-conditions to abuse and were played a short audio clip of an abuser talking about his thought process (again we were assured it would not be graphic).

“We then had a quick coffee break, which gave us the opportunity to digest all the information and look through the available books before restarting to talk about how sex offenders are managed within the community and positive actions we could take to prevent abuse. It was very factual and not at all how I imagined; we were encouraged to ask questions and get involved and there were even some light hearted moments.

“As we left we were given some fantastic handouts and even a certificate of attendance. I thoroughly enjoyed the evening and would like to go on and attend the course that is available. I would definitely recommend the initial session to any parent, carer or teacher. Many thanks Gill!”

Claire Farmer, parent

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