Why are you seeing this ad?

We are a child protection charity, we work with people worried about their own sexual thoughts, feelings and behaviour towards children, to help them not offend. We also work with their family and friends. But, we are also here for anyone with concerns about possible child sexual abuse.

The adverts are part of a campaign that we run to prevent online child sexual abuse, based on research with offenders which helped set the messages we put out. I know you may be concerned about seeing our adverts but seeing an advert doesn’t mean that we think or know anything specific about a person – for example searching for illegal content or committing or being a victim of abuse – and our adverts aren’t, and can’t be, targeted in this way. Instead, we use broad demographic targeting (for example, adults or men of a wide age range) and some platforms use interests. As mentioned, we use research to influence our targeting to try and ensure our messages reach out to those who may benefit from our services directly or indirectly, with the goal of keeping children safe from sexual abuse.

We appreciate our advertising can be quite shocking but the reason we use such advertising is because we do have much success with our campaigning. When we are running such a campaign we are contacted by more people who want to change their behaviour, which in turn protects children.

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